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Turning Victims into Survivors and Turning Survivors into Phoenixes ... It's time to Evolve!

P eople
H elping
O thers
E volve from
N egative
I ncapacitating
X periences


 UPDATE: 501c3 status-Paperwork has completed the first stage and begins the 2nd stage, we should hear back sometime end of 2012. 



Survivor Input!! Please email us at a brief (100 words or less please) paragraph about what has inspired you through your recovery (no details about your abuse are necessary only what has inspired you to grow and heal) as well as a photo of any of your signed/dated artwork up to three images (jpegs are preferred) per email, that you created during your recovery. 
Keep in mind we receive a high volume of emails so brief really means we can get to everyones input that much faster.  Please keep artwork images free of degrading or dehumanizing images, keep in mind we want this to be inspirational, healing, and uplifting or emotionally freeing images, please. By sending us your paragraphs and photos you are giving us permission to use, display and reprint on our website or company materials and products without any further compensation.
All artists will get mentioned ONLY if you want us to include your name as the artist, if you do not, be sure to send us a NOTE at the top of your descriptive paragraph "Anonymous".  I will be picking submissions for website postings on the Art Heals Button at the top of the page and submissions to be included in book and video and lecture series. 

Also, any comments on what you would like us to address on our website here that would be helpful to you.





Reconnect! Healing Touch Therapies™ Certificate program is the most comprehensive massage therapy training for survivors of abuse and trauma in the region. It's estimated that one out of five massage clients are abuse survivors. This includes people who have lived through childhood violence or incest, partner abuse or domestic violence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), violent crime, or even a natural disaster.

Whether you intend to focus on this population or are encountering survivors in your practice, this program teaches you how to safely handle the client and situation with confidence. Now is your opportunity to gain the skills you need to help abuse survivors with therapeutic massage for healing. Focus classes cover:

  • The role you play in mind/body reintegration
  • How to apply massage with trauma survivors
  • Memories and flashbacks during massage
  • Stages of touch therapy for survivors
  • The benefits of massage for abuse survivors

Our instructors have a diverse array of backgrounds related to abuse and trauma survivors, recovery counseling, and appropriate massage responses. Together, they will offer you a solid foundation in all aspects of massage therapy for survivors of abuse, trauma, and violence.



  • Daria Dato, MBA, MSSW, LCSW
    o Daria completed her masters degree in social work in 2004, in business in 2010, and has completed additional graduate coursework in psychology. She is licensed as a clinical social worker and operates a private psychotherapy practice. Over the past decade, Daria has trained extensively in the psychiatric setting, offering assessments and treatment recommendations at area hospitals as well as psychotherapy in a community counseling center. Daria comes to us with a background in higher education, having taught numerous courses at Texas Woman’s University on subjects ranging from direct social work practice to human behavior to license review. She has additionally supervised field instruction and process groups for social work students completing practicums. She is a member of National Association of Social Workers and Dallas Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology. She has been a valued member of the community, offering her expertise in a number of volunteer capacities, for over 25 years.
  • Jessica Alexis Steele
    o Jessica "Alexis" Steele is the founder of The Legacy of Innocence Lost Foundation and the website, an information resource for abuse survivors. Jessica is also a survivor of childhood abuse and incest. She is very dedicated to teaching other survivors how to navigate through their own recovery. Jessica is now more than 20 years past her last counseling session for incest and abuse recovery and has a great deal to offer in recovery coaching. She has a deep compassion for and encourages survivors to seek professional counseling, taking encouragement and insights from her journey. She regularly holds abuse survivor support groups, presents workshops, is finishing a book, workbook, and videos as well. Believe it is possible to free yourself from the pain of the past and the control it has over your adult life.
  • Rick Robinette, LMT, MTI
    o Rick Robinette has been a massage therapist in Texas since 1985, and became a massage therapy instructor in 1986. Over the past 25 years, Rick has taught all aspects of basic and advanced massage therapy programs at different massage schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since 1992, he has been presenting advanced massage therapy workshops, both locally and nationally. Currently, Rick is one of the senior instructors with the Parker University School of Massage Therapy.

Course Dates and Outlines

Module 1 – April 14-April 15, 2012 (Daria Dato)

  • Introduction to Healing Touch Therapies
  • Rationale behind massage for abuse and trauma survivors
  • Abuse and trauma definitions, categories, and associated pathologies

Module 2 – April 28-April 29, 2012 (Alexis Steele and Daria Dato)

  • Healing Touch Therapies as a support tool for abuse and trauma survivors
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Physical and biopsychosocial impacts of abuse and trauma
  • Recovery process dynamics

Module 3 – May 5-May 6, 2012 (Alexis Steele and Daria Dato)

  • Working with survivors in a massage therapy setting
  • Counseling styles with abuse and trauma survivors
  • Survivor counseling perspectives on boundaries and limitations
  • Abuse and trauma concerns- transference and counter transference

Module 4 – May 19-May 20, 2012 (Alexis Steele and Daria Dato)

  • Qualifying clients prior to establishing a therapeutic relationship
  • Recognizing and defusing attachment
  • Flashbacks and emotional flooding
  • Common signs of dissociative disorders

Module 5 – June 2-June 3, 2012 (Rick Robinette and Alexis Steele)

  • Appropriate massage therapy interactions with survivor clients
  • Creating a safe environment for massage with survivors of abuse and trauma
  • Pre-session and post-session considerations

Module 6 – June 9-June 10, 2012 (Rick Robinette and Alexis Steele)

  • Problems and concerns for clients undergoing recovery counseling
  • Working with abuse and trauma survivors during massage
  • Benefits of Healing Touch Therapies

Module 7 – June 23, 2012 (Rick Robinette)

  • Demonstration and practice of Healing Touch Therapies
  • Suitable hands-on approaches to massage with survivor clients

Internship – July 14 – 15 & July 28 – 29 (Alexis Steele)

Class Hours

    • Saturdays - 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
    • Sundays - 1pm to 5pm
    • Special hours for Internship: Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm

CE Hours

  • Texas LMT and NCBTMB CE hours are available

Tuition Options

  • Prepay the program in full (must be submitted more than 1 week in advance of class date) for only $1500! (This option is not available for online registration - please contact the CE Department for procedure 800.266.4723)
  • Or, you may pay each module individually per fee schedule below:
    • prepaid more than one week in advance of class date - $240
    • prepaid less than one week in advance of class date - $280
    • paid on-site (cash is not accepted as on-site payment) - $305


  • 10% discount for Parker University Alumni Association members. Membership must be in effect prior to registration. (Cannot be combined with any other discount offer.)

Course Policies, Prerequisites and Certification:

  • Prerequisites
    • Must have an active massage therapy license in good standing
    • Must have current massage therapy liability insurance
    • Must have current CPR certification
    • Two letters of recommendation
  • Internship Protocol
    • Internship recipients will be drawn from selected support groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
    • Internship recipients will be pre-qualified by Daria Dato and/or Alexis Steele
    • Internship sessions will be conducted over two weekends only after students complete the initial Healing Touch Therapies™ program of 7 modules (80 hours)
    • Internship recipients will be scheduled for session work during the internship hours over these two weekends
    • A minimum of at least one internship for each student will be an observation session with Alexis Steele present during the student-recipient interaction
    • Internship will consist of student preparation for session work, student-recipient interaction (including time spent prior to and after the hands-on massage therapy session), post-session notes and student self-evaluation, and instructor-student question and answer
    • Students will complete a minimum of 4 internship sessions with recipients.
  • Certification
    • A certificate of completion will be awarded to candidates who have completed 100 hours of class time and successfully passed all evaluation measures.
  • Cancellation Policy


Parker University Campus
2540 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
800-266-4723 or 214-902-2401

 Everything You Want to Know About Abuse/Trauma Recovery
    Available for Lecture or (soon as a video series)
    Brittne Zemanek- LPC, Specializing in Abuse and Trauma Recovery
    Daria Dato- LCSW, Specializing in Abuse and Trauma Recovery 
    Alexis Steele- Incest & Abuse Recovery Coach
    Founder of The Legacy of Innocence Lost &

A relevant, interactive seminar about the journey through recovery presented in a streamlined, simplified natural progression through the process.  Utilizing a combination of unique Insider Tips and Professional Insights on healing and recovery from abuse or trauma with examples and step by step guides that can be adapted into your personal life.  Handouts outlining the seminar will be provided so each participant can easily follow along, as well as, inserts, and illustrations. 

Who Can Benefit From This Series?
Professionals who want to know more about the specifics relating to abuse and trauma recovery.  Numerous professionals have said to me, If I knew more about this process it would help me to serve my clients better.  If you have ever thought that yourself, we invite you to attend.

The Survivor who always wondered if counseling really works or not.  If you have dabbled in self help books, or maybe even went to see a counselor once or twice but then quit because it didn't seem to help, we invite you to attend.

Survivors who have hit a wall or gotten stuck in their recovery.  Perhaps you have been in and out of counseling as needed and are fairly well into your recovery process but have found that you have hit a new layer of an old issue, we invite you to attend. 

If you have a family member or live with an abuse or trauma survivor and just can't understand what it is they are going through this seminar gives valuable insights and we invite you to attend.

Our seminar series builds on itself so that with each progressing hour we discuss deeper levels of healing and recovery referencing previous skills sets as we cover the following:

Everything You Wanted To Know About Abuse/Trauma Recovery 

  • Attachment Theory by Daria Dato, LCSW
  • Beginning the Recovery Process
  • How Trauma Impacts the Mind and Body
  • Building a Support System
  • Emotional Overload
  • Origins of Core Beliefs
  • Coping with the Pain of Recovery
  • Walls, Traps and Plateaus
  • Pathology
  • Spirituality and Dreams
  • Forgiveness - What the F word is really about ..

Please use our contact us page for questions or more information about scheduling this workshop/lecture series or Email- if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy

May cancel up to 24 hours prior to event and will be refunded everything paid MINUS the deposit, no exceptions.  If you cannot cancel by the 24 hour window your fee will be applied to the next seminar.  Late entry is allowed with seating in the back.



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