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Art Heals!

One of the many things I talk about during the recovery process is learning how to express yourself, or to release emotions, in a way that does not harm yourself or others. With the myriad of emotions that follows abuse and trauma, being able to express yourself through art is a key element in recovery.

Art can be photography, painting, writing, sculpting, drawings, crafts, etc.; in the case of this photograph of myself, I went outdoors and made snow horses to release pent up energy and to get in touch with my inner child for healing, expressing joy and freedom to create. Mind you I developed a viscous cold afterwards but …. I would do it again!

Art Heals Snow Horses by the Phoenix

As stated on the Events page:
Survivor Input!! Please email us at a brief (100 words or less please) paragraph about what has inspired you through your recovery (no details about your abuse are necessary only what has inspired you to grow and heal) as well as a photo of any of your artwork up to three images (jpegs are preferred) per email, that you created during your recovery. Also, please submit any comments on what you would like us to add or address on our website that would be helpful to you, for our consideration.

Keep in mind we receive a high volume of emails so brief really means SO we can get to everyone’s input. Please keep artwork images free of degrading or dehumanizing images, keep in mind we want this to be inspirational, healing, and uplifting or emotionally freeing images, please. ****By sending us your paragraphs and photos you are giving us permission to use, display and reprint on our website or company materials and products without any further compensation. All artists will get mentioned ONLY if you want us to include your name as the artist, if you do not, be sure to send us a NOTE at the top of your descriptive paragraph "Anonymous Entry".

Ready, Set, Go Create!

Doodle Art for Recovery©

The Doodle Art for Recovery© process involves 3 simple steps::

  • A celebrity drawing an original piece of doodle art, with their autograph,
  • Signing a release allowing us full ownership of it (click here for release form)
  • Mailing the original to:

Jessica Alexis Steele
The Legacy of Innocence Lost Foundation
10830 N Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas 75230

All the incest recovery assistance for survivors of abuse that we offer requires financial resources to draw from (no pun intended!). Doodle Art for Recovery© is the perfect, simple, fun, and fast means to make a lasting impact that can effect real change in a person’s life. We are not 501C3 and cannot raise money that way. We are deeply committed to making the most of all Doodle Art for Recovery© we are gifted. It is also our intent to use some of these funds towards writing a book for survivors of abuse, which will bring about additional funding for Making Up Lost Ground. We are deeply committed to using art donations in the exact manner we represent.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you for your support!


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