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About The Phoenix

The Phoenix

Who I Am Today

Jessica "Alexis" Steele is the founder of The Legacy of Innocence Lost Foundation and she is also a survivor of childhood abuse and incest. She is the mother of three amazing children and is involved

in a long term loving relationship. Alexis is very dedicated to teaching other survivors how to navigate through their own recovery. She has a very full life juggling family, friends, and her dreams of making a lasting impact on incest and abuse in our society.

Her writings began at 17 years old and cover her life’s journey thus far from 4 years of age to current. She is 20 plus years past her last

counseling session for Incest and Abuse Recovery and has a great deal to offer in expertise.

She truly has a deep compassion for every survivor and encourages survivors seek professional counseling and to take encouragement from her story and gain knowledge from her insights. She regularly has support groups and workshops and is finishing a book and workbook as well.

She really connects and relates with the mythical bird "the Phoenix" and even though this mythological bird dies and is reduced to ashes from those ashes it is reborn a flaming mythical Phoenix. That is what incest recovery felt like for Alexis like the broken messed up parts of her where dying and she was being reborn and often uses the nickname "the Phoenix" especially as a pen name from a life time of writings.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, you will rise up again whole and renewed

The Phoenix

My Abuse and Incest Survival Story Preface
Click (here) for my story, be advised while no specific details of the incest are recounted, I do speak about the general situation, the physical beatings, the timeline and the impact that the years of assaults had on me. It is not easy reading and can be skipped entirely.

The only real purpose it serves is to allow other survivors of abuse to comprehend the level of abuse and damages that I was able to recover from, in order to give hope to other survivors.

Read about my story and maybe begin to think: "You know if she can do it, then so can I." Also this story gives me credence, you know where I am coming from and that I am not full of it… I speak it from the trenches.

Something that always bothered me – as a teen and young adult struggling in therapy – is the Poly-Anna types telling me incest recovery is possible and they weren’t even molested one time, never punched in the face. It used to really anger and alienate me from those types. I wanted to hear it from an incest survivor- you tell me that I can get past this and maybe I will believe you. But for her to tell me? Please. I wanted to tell the Poly Anna women: "Sit down and shut up."

Not every incest survivor will be able to relate to me, not everyone's abuse was this severe; some have survived worse, some less. No matter what level of survival you come out of, I believe that by sharing my struggles and my journey of healing with you that you will find inspiration and insights that will touch your life.

My Story of Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse and Incest

Click (here) for my story. Be advised- it is hard to read how deeply lost I was to the chaos the abuse left inside of me. But here again, it is for the incest survivor to relate to… and pull inspiration and insights for their journey.

My Story of Entering Incest Recovery

My recovery lasted between 1985 and 1994. I began with the Incest Recovery Association of Dallas and the Pastoral Counseling and Education Center in Dallas. I went very intensively for many years and then, as my skills and tools developed, I went a little less and then finally I was at a point where the major and many of the minor issues had been worked out. Finally, I was well into my recovery.

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