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Making Up Lost Ground Incest Recovery Web Site

Healing and recovery

About this Site:

Our goal is to make this site as user friendly as possible for the survivors of abuse who are seeking specific information, insights, and inspiration about the various stages and processes involved in the journey to healing and recovery.

I truly believe that the incest recovery process has many layers and levels to it. In the initial beginning stages of recovery, so many times when we reach our first level of relief and calm, we can be tricked into thinking that we are healed and decide to quit professional counseling.

It is precisely at this moment I want to suggest you have only grazed the very tip of the iceberg… and that there is much more beneath the water which needs healing. It can seem very overwhelming and frightening because incest recovery is painful… and it hurts… and it is easy to think sometimes you will never find an end to the tears or the suffering. But two things are very important to know right here and right now…

A. The pain of incest recovery is the releasing of the pain of what happened that we stored because it was not safe to let it out then. So we must release it and, as you do, you become lighter in your spirit…you begin your journey into finding your peace, so don’t run from this process.

B. The pain of incest recovery does hurt, but it does not always hurt you in such a way that threatens to overwhelm you and crush you. This pain eases slowly as you release it. Again… this pain eases slowly as you RELEASE IT! Learn how to let it go and fill your heart with peace. You must walk through this pain to reach the other side. Yes, it is hard. But yes, you can do this, and you will be so much better off for all of your hard work.

It is critically important to discover how our perceptions control our actions, and how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Where these perceptions or self-truths originate from is the key to true freedom and deeper levels of healing. This is what I delve into – and hope to impart to you – so that you can explore these things within yourself with the help of a professional counselor.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes you will rise up again whole and renewed!

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